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"Robbie Bourke is a great strength coach and manual therapist who is continually looking to advance his knowledge and improve. Not only does Robbie spend a lot of time reading, but he also puts his work to practice everyday with real athletes. Robbie is a guy I enjoy talking too because his quest for knowledge and expertise is inspiring and greatly needed in a field were professionals tend to become stagnant and content with the status quo."

Patrick Ward

"Robbie Bourke has done an amazing job of taking in tons of information and making difficult to understand info accessible to the average coach. I'd strongly recommend you watch the presentations"

Mike Boyle

"With the many, many resources we have available to use through the Internet, it is often very difficult to filter what information is useful or reputable.  I have known Robbie Bourke, his work, his messages for a very long time, and I can suggest with great confidence that Robbie's principles and methods are highly resourced and practical"

Charlie Weingroff
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